Common Plumbing Problems at Home That Require a Plumbing Expert

The average home experiences many types of plumbing issues, most of which are fixable with do-it-yourself skills and essential tools. The thing with plumbing is that most repairs are minor and cheap, like when you must deal with a running toilet or a dripping faucet. However, there also are those that need the expertise and experience of a plumber Gawler area.


Let us go over those issues that force you to work with a plumbing contractor.


1.Slow Draining Sink – A slow draining sink is a common problem in homes, and the most apparent culprit is a blockage that restricts water flow. For instance, a kitchen sink could quickly get clogged or suffer from slow draining since you inadvertently flush down food debris, fat, oil, and other things. The bathroom sink, on the other hand, could suffer the same fate because of hair and soap debris. While you usually will try to solve the problem by using a plumber’s snake or plunger, you may have to call a plumber Gawler area if those essential tools do not work.


2.Problematic Water Heater – If one morning you wake up and notice that you no longer have hot water for your shower, it means that your water heater is failing or already broken. There are a few reasons why the equipment no longer produces hot water, but the only practical way to figure out what’s happening is to call in a plumber. Regardless of the type of water heater you have at home, it is wise to hire a pro in determining the right course of action in either fixing or replacing it.



3.Low Water Pressure – A problem with the water pressure usually happens in old homes. The primary cause is a broken or corroded pipe that results in substantial leaking. Another possible reason is a build-up of mineral deposits and other sediments on your aerators. Nonetheless, unless you are an expert in plumbing, you must call in someone who knows where to look for the problem.


4.Garbage Disposal Problems – One of the most annoying plumbing issues a homeowner will eventually face is a jammed or broken garbage disposal. It usually happens when you use them without water, or you dispose of some food debris and items which are not supposed to be thrown in the equipment, including but not limited to cornhusks, potato peels, silverware, plastics, and others. All garbage disposals have a reset button, but it is unlikely to solve the problem. Instead of opening it up by yourself, you are better off calling in a plumber to do the tricky work for you.


So, if you experience any of those problems, the best course of action is to call a plumbing expert. Although you ought to spend money to pay for their services, it is a relatively small amount compared to how much you might have to cover for a replacement or major repair of the plumbing system.